About us

The House of Craft Beer in Prague

The House of Craft beer was organized in Prague by two enthusiasts who love the beer. The idea was born a long time ago but the time came just now ( spring 2016) to brew our own beer. Consequently in March 2016 Craft House Prague was born. Opening our Craft Beer Bar in Prague was a dream come true, and we were blown away by the response from customers.

We offer many kind of craft beer from Chech brewers and famous brewers from all ove the world. In our stock all the time you can find Imperial Bar with very strong beers like Double IPA’s, Russian Imperial Stouts and Quadruples, different ciders and of cause ours beer as well: First Order Green Door IPA ( number 5 on tap) and First Order Je Suise Citra which is number 6 on tap. Check out more craft beer on taps.  

Multitap Beer Bar & Bottleshop